The 1985 Chicago Bears' famous "Super Bowl Shuffle" isn't all that great from an artistic perspective. For nostalgia purposes it works fine, but even then you'd have to admit it's too cheesy to watch in repeated viewings. Regardless the song was nominated for a 1985 Grammy Award for Best Rhythm & Blues Performance by a Duo or Group and raised $300,000 for Chicago children in need. Unfortunately, the damage it caused was irreversable.

The "Super Bowl Shuffle" inadvertedly inspired the worst, unfunny, suicide-for-the-ear pieces of recording ever heard. The '80s era of NFL players-turned rappers will leave a football fan in depressed, but thankfully things at least got a little better with albums like NFL Jams and players who actually gave a shit about rapping started coming out with songs.

There's still a few struggle songs here and there but NFL rap has definitely stepped up. Hopefully future generations will hear the term "NFL Rap" and not immediately start shaking their heads. Until then, here's A Complete History of NFL Players Rapping.

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