Let's just get this out of the way: The Bravado Banshee is a Dodge Viper. Everybody knows it. Nobody's trying to hide it. The game doesn't pay for licensing rights to the actual cars/names, so it just takes the designs. That's how it is. But more than any other cars in the ground-breaking series, the Banshee has been the symbol of the fast and ferocious speed machine since it first hit the streets in GTAIII. Now, that car has been brought to life. 

Of course it was West Coast Customs who did the job, perfectly crafting the strong and bulbous sports car, complete with bright blue paint and white stripe. It has a full premium sound system, carbon fiber accents and inlays, and embroidered interior. The best part? GameStop wants to give this one-off to you. Register here, and click on to check out the rest of the photos. 

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[via RockstarGames]