2013 Ford Fusion Titanium
Engine: 2.0L Ecoboost I4
Power: 240 hp
Torque: 270 lb.-ft. @ 4,000 rpm
Fuel Economy: 22/33 (Automatic)
Starting MSRP: $30,500

Car companies have long been trying to reel in a new generation of younger consumers who may not exactly be in the market for a new vehicle like, ever. But what they do have a passion for is staying interconnected with everyone else via social media, and the devices that help them do so. Perhaps that's why, to this car-weary reviewer, taking a spin in the 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium felt kind of like being behind the wheel of a smartphone.

The first thing you notice is simply how attractive it is. Today's design climate is dominated by clean lines, and the Ford Fusion manages to look aerodynamic and sporty despite being a midsize car. Once you get inside, the modern feel is accentuated by a cockpit-like driver's seat, and an extremely tactile dashboard interface. Once you step inside, your inner four-year-old keeps asking "what does this button do?" The version I drove had a sport-stitched, leather trim interior, with a plethora of features like assisted parking, adaptive cruise control, SYNC with MyFord Touch, and the BLIS Blind Spot Information System. 

The inside had everything you'd expect in an up-to-date 2013 car. The radio interface is touchscreen, the adaptive cruise control detects changes in traffic speed, and more jarringly, a collision warning system beeps to keep you abreast of potential threats. If the car senses any incoming vehicles from the side or a potential collision ahead, the Fusion practically goes DEFCON 5, with matching bells, whistles, and ominous red lights.

With the Titanium trim, the price bumps up to an MSRP of $500, which, for an attractive fancy Ford sedan is a reasonable price. In the stop-and-go city it can feel a lot bigger than it actually is, but a long stretch of highway is where this thing really shows off its comfortable cabin. You really just get to rediscover the zen-like experience of cruising. 

Bottom line: The Ford Fusion Titanium does a great job of balancing technological bells and whistles with an attractive car that's really fun to drive. It's a good choice for yuppies who need something solid, comfortable, and fairly affordable, or even families looking for a car really worth passing down to new drivers. With the added safety features and entertainment packages, it seems like a car designed with younger generations in mind. 

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