WWE wrestler Darren Young is not the first gay wrestler. According to those who have worked for wrestling organizations like the WWE, there are plenty of gay wrestlers out there. But he is the first one to come out publicly and admit that he is gay. And you might be surprised to see how he did it.

TMZ caught up with Young late yesterday at Los Angeles International Airport, just a few days before SummerSlam is set to take place at the Staples Center, and asked him if he thought a gay wrestler could be successful. Young's answer took the TMZ cameraman by surprise.

"Absolutely," Young replied. "Look at me. I'm a WWE Superstar and, to be honest with you right now, I'll tell you I'm gay and I'm happy. Very happy."

He also pointed out that his admission was not part of an act.

"Some people might not like it, some people will like it," he said. "But I'm here to be happy. It's very important I'm happy with myself."

Watch the entire TMZ interview in the clip above to hear Young talk more about his sexuality and his decision to come out.

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[via TMZ]