Career: 1989-2002
'90s team(s): New Jersey Nets (1990-92), Atlanta Hawks (1992-99), Golden State Warriors (1999)

M-m-m-m-m-Mookie's twins Daron and Zack both play football for the University of Kentucky and are competing to be starting safeties. That's the high point in his life. The low point (and it's not relative, it's a real low point) occurred In May of this year when Mookie got into a vicious car accident (that he caused) in Georgia putting him on life support. Since Mookie's still alive it's evident that his condition improved. The 43-year-old woman that he hit wasn't as lucky. That development is the reason that Blaylock is now facing charges of vehicular homicide. The only way getting released from a hospital sucks is if you get taken to jail right afterwards. That's what happened to Mookie. Somehow you just knew those six DUIs on his record would come back to bite him.