Pitchers like Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey have been able to prolong or completely reinvent their careers thanks to that one, forever elusive pitch: the knuckleball. And they aren't the only ones to have figured out that secret. A former video game company CEO by the name of Min Huh recently signed on as a pitcher with the Rockland Boulders—a Can-Am League, independent baseball team—despite his age and inexperience.

At 37 years old, Huh has no previous professional experience in baseball. However, he has been working on his own, honing his knuckleball, for the past seven years. Now, after selling his Korean game company, Neople, to a larger label in 2011, Huh's baseball hobby has gotten a bit more serious. He founded the Goyang Wonders—a Korean professional baseball team—that same year, and now, he's apparently improved his pitching ability enough that a team was willing to take a chance on him. 

Keep in mind: this isn't really even close to the major leagues, and minor league teams are notorious for pulling attention-grabbing moves like this, but you have to at least give some credit to this guy for following through on his dreams. Good luck, Min. 

[via Kotaku]

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