Spyker is, hands-down, one of our favorite niche automakers, so we're pleased to report that two new aviation-inspired Dutch exotics are hitting the roads next year. We've already seen concepts of both cars, but that doesn't dull our excitement.

First up, we've got the Spyker B6 which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last year and is even going to be hitting the streets in the USA. The lightweight B6's midimounted V6 puts out 375 horsepower and it's going to cost $125,000-$170,000. Hell, we think any given Spyker's interior is worth at least $100,000.

Next is the D8 Peking-to-Paris which we've been seeing for eight years at auto shows but is now coming to fruition thanks to a partnership with Youngman, the Chinese automaker. Expect to see the aging design refreshed at the Geneva Motor Show next year before a prodcution version is made.

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