After sixteen years spent in the NBA, former All-Star Tracy McGrady has called it quits. He made the announcement on ESPN's First Take.

"It's been 16 years playing the game I love. I've had a great run but it's time for it to come to an end," McGrady said on ESPN's "First Take."

Last season McGrady spent most of the season in China before signing with the Spurs as an insurance policy in the playoffs in case of injury. He ended up playing a total of 31 minutes during the Spurs' NBA Finals run in the playoffs. 

McGrady leaves the NBA with seven All-Star appearances, a 2001 Most Improved Player Award, two scoring titles, and tons of highlights. His career was decimated by injuries including knee, shoulder, and back surgeries. McGrady may continue to play overseas as evidenced by what he said on First Take when asked if he would play in China:

"Officially retired from the NBA. Door's still open."

Will T-Mac make the Hall of Fame? It's a dicey situation because of the injuries curtailing his longevity and career. Either way his highlight reel and special moments will be watched over and over today on YouTube. What's your favorite play or moment from T-Mac? 13 points in 35 Seconds, the alley-oop to himself at the All-Star game, or the posterization of Shawn Bradley?

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[via ESPN]