Back in May, court documents revealed that Tim Duncan was getting a divorce from his wife Amy after 12 years of marriage. Even though Duncan and his wife tried to keep their personal affairs private, the word got out just as the Spurs were about to take on the Heat in the 2013 NBA Finals. So when it came time for Duncan and his wife to finalize the details of their divorce yesterday, they took every possible precaution to make sure that everyone stayed out of their business. And in order to do so, they held the divorce hearing right in the privacy of Duncan's lawyer's office.

The judge who granted the Duncans their divorce did so at the lawyer's office on his lunch hour. He later said that holding a private hearing outside of a courtroom for a divorce case wasn't super rare, but he also pointed out that it was the first one that he had ever done. And he understood why Duncan and his now ex-wife decided to do things that way.

Would you really expect anything less from Duncan? He seems like the kind of guy who doesn't want people to know his favorite color, much less what happened during his divorce hearing.

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