In a sport that involves no physical contact, other than the possibility of carts ramming into one another, and so much minimal walking that dudes in their late 40s could still compete and even win major championships, it's hard to see a golfer go down following a swing. But that's exactly what happened to Tiger Woods during his second shot on the 13th hole at The Barclays earlier today.  

It is believed that Woods falling to his knees was the result of a lingering back issue which caused a spasm. Um, OK. But like we said, this sport doesn't require much athleticism, so there's gotta be more to the back problem story for someone as reasonably fit as Tiger. And we're looking at you, Lindsey Vonn! What type of super athletic-type stuff are you doing with Woods behind closed doors?! Can you just let him win a few more majors and pass Jack Nicklaus on the all-time leaderboard first?  

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[via For The Win]