Anybody will tell you a plethora of things they look forward to in the summer. Those pick-up games brings a chance to use those shit-talking skills you've been honing throughout the other seasons. There's also that fun stuff like concerts, the beach, practicing those Mark Sanchez jokes for the upcoming football season, and chilling—whatever that means for you.

Sadly, not a lot people are as excited as they should be about SummerSlam, one of the WWE's biggest and longest-running pay-per-view events. You have three months to do all the other aforementioned activities, but you only have one SummerSlam per year. It's something like an August Christmas.

Born out of Vince McMahon's desire to outdo his competitors and continue raking in millions, SummerSlam offered some of pro wrestling's craziest moments. The annual summer event has just the right amount of drama to keep the faithful fans interested and enough thrills and insanity to pull in the casual viewer.

SummerSlam has been a WWE mainstay for over two decades, and it has moments of greatness sprinkled throughout its run. Shining in those moments doesn't just equal a win; it leads to canonization. Relive some of those moments as you click through the 25 Most Memorable Moments in SummerSlam History and watch SummerSlam this Sunday, Aug. 18.

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