There are a lot of ways to fail a driving test. Back up into a cone while trying to parallel park? That's a fail. Forget to stop at the gigantic red octagon positioned right before an intersection? That's a fail. Drive 50 mph through a 25 mph zone? That's—you guessed it—a fail.

But when a South Korean woman failed her driving test last month, she skipped all of the usual ways to fail a driving test and instead failed in the most spectacular way possible. She turned on her car's engine, put it into park, completely forgot how to use her brakes, ran over a curb, and flipped her car—all within the first seven seconds of her test. Now that is what we call a fail!

Watch a video of the test, which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, above. Safe to say this woman didn't get her license, eh? Yeah, let's hope not.

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[via New York Daily News]