Did Snoop Dogg really give former Penn State/current USC player Silas Redd a ride in a limo last year when USC was trying to get the running back to transfer to Southern Cal in light of the Jerry Sandusky situation? According to a new book called Fourth and Long: The Fight for the Soul of College Football, yes. In the book, author/Michigan journalism professor John U. Bacon reveals that Snoop picked Redd up at the airport during his recruitment trip because he's a big USC fan.

No big deal, right? Snoop's just a fan doing what fans do—trying to help his favorite team win by any means necessary. There's one problem with that, though. If Snoop did give Redd a ride and use his celebrity to try and convince him to come to USC, then an NCAA violation took place and USC could be punished for it. It's why the Trojans have already come out and issued a statement saying that Redd and Snoop did not meet last summer prior to him eventually transferring to USC.

"Silas Redd has never met Snoop Dogg, much less received a ride from him in any type of vehicle," the school said in a statement issued late yesterday. "USC head coach Lane Kiffin picked up Silas from the airport on his recruiting visit."

So there you have it. Redd doesn't know Snoop. Er, or he does but USC isn't going to admit it anytime soon.

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[via SB Nation]