The Houston Rockets and their former rookie power forward, Royce White, were famously combative in the media last season due to White's refusal to play for the team. This refusal stemmed from anxiety issues that White has dealt with for most of his life, and that he had made publicly known prior to the draft. Around the beginning of the season, White stopped attending team practices and wouldn't report to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers when he was assigned to them in the D-League later in the year. So, after their relationship had broken down beyond the point of repair, the Rockets traded White to the Philadelphia 76ers for "future considerations," which also helped them clear up the cap space necessary to sign center Dwight Howard.

But just because he's left the team, doesn't mean that White is done with H-Town. The former first round pick recently announced a partnership with his non-profit organization Anxious Mind’s Inc. and the Bee Busy Wellness Center to open up the Royce White Institute of Mental Health in the east Texas city. White has stated that he believes that every city should have access to free mental healthcare. Certainly a noble cause. 

Maybe he should consider opening one in Philadelphia too while he's at it, though. Andrew Bynum could probably use it, don't you think? 

[via SLAM]

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