If you've never suffered a random spasm of road rage, we applaud you. We're not exactly the most angry people, and even we experience the occasional "I WANT TO SLICE OUR TIRES AND PUSH YOU OFF THE ROAD WITH A BULLDOZER" moments. We blame living in NYC for that, though. This traffic can go to hell and never come back. Regardless, the only type of road rage we exhibit is the kind that stays in our car, amongst ourselves, with the windows up. We might yell at the steering wheel and pretend it's the person going 13 miles per hour under the speed limit, but nobody gets hurt ... or hears and sees it. That's how it was for most people. Until smartphones came around. 

Now, with the rise of Vine and Instagram videos, people are making huge jokes out of road rage and/or capturing people unknowingly throwing fits of rage. This is great for some giggles to pass the time. Take a minute and enjoy these moments of rage that take place on the road, captured through the six-second lense of a little app called Vine. 

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