Over the last week or so, a handful of people have weighed in on the drama surrounding Johnny Manziel. Dez Bryant said he would be mad if the NCAA didn't suspend him. Aaron Rodgers said he feels bad for him. And one sports columnist inexplicably called Manziel the second coming of Rosa Parks. Now, Ricky Williams is the latest person to offer up his two cents. As a fellow Heisman trophy winner, one of our favorite stoner athletes speaks on the attention Johnny Football should've expected to receive on and off the field after receiving the pristigious award, as well as giving the media another classic Dennis Green "they were who we thought they were" speech.

“You know once you win the Heisman Trophy, there’s going to be more attention on you,” said Williams. “You are probably not going to be able to get away with all the stuff you got away with before. To the media I would say, if the media did their research on who this kid was, nobody would be surprised.”

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[via For The Win]