Rappers are extremely selective about their rides. The car they're driving or sitting in can say a lot about their personality and is crucial in moulding their image. Birdman doesn't go around riding in Volkswagens. He has classics, custom luxury Sprinter vans, and Bugattis and is possibly the game's biggest car collector. But (stay with me here) what if ... just, what if ... rappers looked up to Birdman's collection so much that they literally took his name to heart and wanted to become bird MEN like him?

For this, they would obviously go to the O.G. man of the birds: Terminator X of Public Enemy, who became an ostrich farmer after he ended his career as a DJ. We took this imaginary situation and played it out to its full extent, creating images that could be described as nothing short of legendary. Click on to see our creations of Rappers Riding Ostriches

Art by Danny Scanzoni

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