What kind of car would you cop if you won the lotto? A Bentley? Ferrari? Maybe a Maybach? Certainly you'd go wild and, hell, we can't blame you. However, one of Wednesday's $448 million Powerball winners has much more modest dreams. Paul White of Ham Lake, Minn. has $58.3 million on the way (after taxes) and has his sights on a used Acura NSX. He says he's been watching on Craigslist for months and found a "'91 or '92" model with 12,000 miles. It'll set him back a whopping sum of $30,000. 

It's easy to say, "Come on, go all the way crazy" But when we think about it, this dude is smart. Lotto winners always blow their fortune up their nose or inside prostitutes. With this frugal mentality, we don't think Mr. White will have that problem. Respect. 

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[via Jalopnik

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