As the 2013 college football season approaches, we've already starting combing the university rosters to figure out who the next star walking across college campuses this year will be. We all know that South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is going to rip through offensive lines like tissue paper, and that the much-vaunted Alabama Crimson Tide are jam-packed with more than enough talent for Nick Saban to lead his team to their third straight BCS title. But what about the guys who've been a little more under the radar? To give you the inside scoop on the top talent across the country, we highlighted 15 Players to Watch Out for in the 2013 College Football Season. When you read about Georgia running back Todd Gurley plowing through defenses this season, or Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight leading his Sooners to a Big 12 championship, just remember that you heard about them here first.