Yesterday, the NFL settled its momumental lawsuit with the former players suing for concussion-related injuries for the sum of $765M. Seemed like some pretty large coin to us but, apparently, NFLPA president Kevin Mawae is none too pleased with the result. Mawae believes that the NFL ultimately won out, as they're no longer obligated to reveal damaging information that could've possibly signalled their complicity in the injuries suffered by these players. 

He wrote on his blog: 

The players involved in the lawsuit will get a share, but really, other than the guys who are in a physically or financially critical situation, will less than $100k really change most of the guys life, now or in the future? [...]
What the players lost is the ability to get complete discovery of any and all the information the league had regarding head injuries dating as far back as possible. That info has now been securely locked away tighter than Coca Cola’s original recipe and won’t be touched until one or more guys files an individual lawsuit…tough thing to do individually against a multi-Billion dollar corporation.
The NFL doesn’t have to say anything, admit any wrong doing, or even apologize…the same league that once called players ‘cattle’ and themselves the ‘herders’ have just put the herd back into the pen.

Mawae also told ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen that he felt the settlement was just "hush money." Given the fiasco that this could've turned into for the NFL, he's probably correct in that assessment. 

What do you guys think? Could the former players have done anything to get a better deal? 

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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