Enough is finally enough.

After seeing dozens and dozens of players get arrested for DUI in recent years, it sounds like the NFL is finally ready to do something about it. Although nothing is definite yet, FOX Sports is reporting that the NFL is going to look into the possibility of suspending players who are arrested for DUI and later convicted of a drunk driving-related offense. Players are also reportedly open to the idea of the league issuing suspensions for DUIs. So the two sides are looking to come to some sort of agreement on what penalties players will face if they are arrested for DUI.

"We would entertain any program collaboration, initiative, or partnership that looks like it was feasibly calculated to reduce the number of incidents involving players, club employees, and league employees who drive while impaired," Adolpho Birch, the NFL's senior vice president of law and labor policy, told FOX Sports. "That's a given."

Sounds good to us. Stay tuned to see what the NFL and the NFLPA decide to do in order to reduce the number of DUIs involving NFL players and employees.

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[via ESPN]