It looks like the NFL's legal troubles concerning former players may finally be coming to an end. But not without a hefty price tag attached. The Associated Press reports that Anita Brody, the federal judge overseeing the numerous concussion-related lawsuits, announced today that the two parties have reached a settlement agreement. 

Comprised of over 4,500 former players, the group suing the NFL will reportedly receive $765M, per Brody's approval. Furthermore, the money will be used to fund medical exams, concussion-related compensation, and medical research. The NFL is also paying for the former players' legal fees. Athletes like Tony Dorsett, Jim McMahon, and at least 9 more members of the Hall of Fame, are included in the group that will be benefiting from the settlement money.

This certainly doesn't exonerate the NFL from any complicity regarding the concussions and their consequences, but the organization still denies any negative role in the matter. And because the settlement has been reached, it's probable that the NFL won't have to disclose internal files about when and what it knew about concussion-linked brain issues.

Will the money be enough to keep former players silent about the issue from now on? With a settlement this large, that appears to be what the NFL is hoping. 

[via ESPN]

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