First off, if you haven't had the chance yet to read Rolling Stone's investigative piece on former New England Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez, then make time for it now. Among other things, the piece claims that Hernandez was a heavy user of PCP for the past year, carried a gun with him wherever he went, and had cut off contact with his family and teammates. Oh, and when all the trouble concerning the Odin Lloyd case was starting to stir up, the article also claimed that Hernandez came to his former head coach Bill Belichick in need of some advice. Belichick, apparently, told him to lay low and find a safe house. It's some pretty juicy stuff. 

But now, New England team president Jonathan Kraft is coming out to dispute the report, saying that it is, "just completely factually inaccurate," and that Belichick told him that he had never advised Hernandez to hide out. We suppose that if we were running a team, though, we wouldn't want the public thinking that our head coach was giving out Godfather-type counsel to a possible criminal, either. What else are you supposed to say if you're asked about it? 

Hopefully, we'll be able to find out whether Rolling Stone's article is accurate or not. Stay tuned. 

[via CBS Sports]

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