Attention all skaters: DON'T RUN INTO LITTLE KIDS ON THEIR BIRTHDAYS. A recent development has shown that mothers of little kid who run around on skateparks are extremely volatile. This video and lovely GIF are perfect proof. This dude was busy running a line, when all of a sudden this kid shows up out of nowhere, and the skater completely mows him over. Naturally, tears and sobbing and weird-sounding heaves are next.

After some lady (who the hell is that?) consoles the young one, the mother comes up, extremely pissed off that the skater hit her son ON HIS BIRTHDAY. Because that really affects the pain that the kid is feeling (but really, fuckin' rub some dirt on it). She pushes him, and after he warns her about touching him, she jacks him square in the face. Like ... a legit right hook. Perfect connection. You can hear it (kind of impressive). 

However, our concern is not why she should be in MMA. It's why the hell she's so pissed off, when she's the one letting her kid run around a skatepark (we don't see the kid with a board). Take better contol of your son, lady. Just don't do so by using a leash. 

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[via YouTube