Before we start, one obvious admission: all athletes are overpaid. Sure, they work more than 40 hours a week and put their bodies and minds through more than the averaged 9-5er, but you know who else does that? Soldiers, teachers, doctors, and several other professionals. However, given the disparity between some athletes’ salaries, it’s clear that some are way more overpaid than others.

Whether it’s cashing in on a career year, capitalizing on the stupidity of a hapless general manager, or simply having their talent grossly misread, many players get humongous paydays and immediately prove that they did not deserve them. It happens across all sports and salary ranges, from the outrageously huge salary of Alex Rodrgiuez to the lower (but equally ridiculous) amount paid to Andris Biedrins. While there are many candidates to choose from across every professional team sport, these are the 50 Most Overpaid Athletes of 2013.

*Note that the “Team” references the team paying the majority of the player’s salary in 2013-14.

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