Sport: Soccer
Team: Liverpool
Hateful lowlight: Biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanović on the forearm during a match.

Liverpool fans love to sing the Depeche Mode classic "Just Can't Get Enough" when Luis Suarez scores, but the rest of the soccer world has had just about enough of his antics. Everywhere he's gone, he's caused trouble: early in his career, he went on strike at Groningen to force a transfer to Ajax; his last action as Ajax's captain was to bite PSV player Otman Bakkal, resulting in a suspension. Now at Liverpool, he's been suspended for flipping off Fulham fans, calling Manchester United defender Patrice Evra a "negrito," and recently for biting Branislav Ivanović during a match.

Now those same Liverpool fans who have stood by his side throughout all of his incidents are about ready to turn on him. Suarez is now trying to engineer a move to Real Madrid this summer because he feels victimized in England. Well maybe if he didn't act like an immature animal on the pitch, he wouldn't be the most vilified player in English soccer.