Sport: Football
Team: Texas A&M Aggies
Hateful lowlight: Allegedly showing up to Mannings' camp hungover

Who wouldn't want to be Johny Manziel right now? He's 20, a Heisman winner, has the hottest women flocking after him, and will be a multi-millionare this time next year. So, why is he hated? Well, we all envy him. Who woulndn't want to be in his position?

Plus, the around-the-clock coverage of his off-the-field shennanigans doesn't help things either. His 2012 arrest for possessing a fake driver's license and disorderly conduct along with the recent allegations that he accepted payment for autugraphs during the BCS National Championship game have only given his detractors more ammo. Think back to when you were 20 years old, if having a fake ID, some drunken nights, and accepting cash for your John Hancock were your worst deeds then consider yourself second to only a young A.C. Green.