Sport is built on passion, irrational fandom, and unconditional love. The natural flip-side of those qualities is of course hate. Every sport has their villains to balance the narratives. Imagine the NFL if everyone was like Tony Dungy and Drew Brees. Booooorrriinnngggg. As fans, we love to hate. Let's get real: hating LeBron the past three years has been more fun and more interesting than rooting for your own sorry team.Sometimes the loathing is even good natured *cough Butt-Fumble *cough, cough*. Professional athletes are tough-skinned egoists, but through all of the abuse, we're pretty sure the athletes on this list would still take this classic Dr. Dre line to heart: "If y'all don't like me, blow me." No thanks, but let's bring on the pain. Based on a number of factors including their transgressions, overexposure, and loathing amongst fans for no real reason (we see you, Chris Bosh), here are the 50 Most Hated Athletes Right Now.

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