Even though he is one of the biggest playboys in sports history, it's a cold world out there for Mark Sanchez. With every passing day of the NFL preseason, the New York media tears him up for his problems on the field and his antics off of it. And to make matters worse, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Sanchez will lose his starting job to surging rookie Geno Smith.

If all these matters didn't cause some sort of breakdown in the Sanchize's psyche, it hasn't shown in interviews. He responds to questions from the media with poise and confidence. However, if you just look at the 26-year-old, the stress is showing on the shoulders up. First, it was the now infamous headband which shows no signs on retiring from its existence on Mark's poor decision-making head. If that weren't a bad enough look, Sanchez has now unveiled the "Sanstache," or as the brilliant folks over at For The Win put it, the "Fu Manchez." Hit the thumbs to check it out. 

Whatever you want to call it, the 'stache proves that Sanchez's life is spiraling out of control. The mustache is a cry for help, so pray for him because the next pick six may send him six feet under.       

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[via For The Win]