You almost forget the Jets actually won in their preseason game against the Giants with the huge headache they now have at the quarterback position. And no it's not entirely Mark Sanchez's fault this time. This week's evil side eye goes to Geno Smith, who made some ugly mistakes last night

After hitting his receiver for a touchdown, Smith threw three interceptions in just the first half. They were all his fault for the most part as he missed his target on the first two and missed defensive end Justin Tuck on coverage on the third one.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Smith showed a total lack of wherewithal that hasn't been seen since Dan Orlovsky in 2008. That's right; he ran out of his own endzone for a safety in the fourth quarter. How embarrassing...and sad too because this was the game Smith was supposed use to solidfy his case for being the starter.

The rookie's mistake would've made Sanchez a clearer pick to start in Week 1, but nothing comes easy for the Jets. He got popped hard by defensive tackle Marvin Austin, forcing him to leave the field immediately with what a shoulder injury. The stress never ends for the boys in green.

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