Getting into a car accident sucks. Getting into a car accident and running into an ant hill (like the one seen above) really sucks. And getting into a car accident, running into an ant hill, and then getting chewed alive by ants really, really—you guessed it—sucks. And yet, all three things happened to a man from Vinton, Va. over the weekend.

Lewis Wyrick was driving on Interstate 81 on Sunday afternoon when he attempted to stop suddenly after reaching some traffic caused by an accident earlier in the day. But when he stomped on his brakes, he lost control of his car and flew off the road. And before he knew it, his car was upside down on top of an ant hill at the bottom of a ditch located next to the road. But his problems didn't end there. Within minutes, his car was covered in ants, and they were biting Wyrick, who had suffered head and back injuries in the wreck.

Wyrick was eventually taken to the hospital and is expected to be fine after suffering the injuries and experiencing the ant attack. But shortly after the accident took place, Virginia State Police hit him with more bad news. He's being charged with reckless driving for getting into an accident in the first place. What a horrible, horrible, horrible to end a weekend. Get well soon, dude.

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[via The Kansas City Star]