Lamborghini: "We're only building three Venenos."


They forgot to mention that the word hardtop was missing from that sentence. After three individuals dove head-first into the Veneno purchase pool (without even seeing the finished product), being told that they would be the only three in the world to own this car, Lamborghini has altered the situation a little bit. Yes, when all is said and done, there will only be three hardtop Venenos, but the Italian supercar maker (American COO Michael Lock to be specific) just confirmed this weekend at Pebble that there is a roadster version on the way.

Does it take away some of the exclusivity? Ehh, maybe, but there still probably won't be more than 10 of these things total, so we highly doubt that's going to affect the price it'll sell for at the 2070 Pebble show. 

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[via Car & Driver]