It's common knowledge that, if you're running your car in an enclosed space,  you need to open some part of that space to make sure there is air flow. If you sit in car exhaust fumes for too long, you'll die. That's becuase what's coming out of those pipes is a combination of nitrogen, water, oxygen carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. Ingest that combo, get ready for a dirt nap.

That's why, when we saw this video today of a man cooking a sausage using the flames coming out of a Lamborghini Aventador's exhaust pipes, we thought, "THAT'S AWESOME. Let's hope nobody takes it too seriously and tries it themselves. Because, you know, you'd still be ingesting some pretty dangerous fumes. So, check it out above, enjoy the stunt, then don't ever do it. Seriously. 

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[via Supercar Kids]