It's hard to believe, but there once was a time when Amanda Bynes was just a young Nickelodeon star and didn't appear crazy, didn't have a weird, not "TV-Y7" obssession with Drake and didn't hate us—although the fact we didn't exist yet has a lot to do with the latter.

There was also a time we could talk about Kobe Bryant without that infamous rape charge, those excessive comparisons to Michael Jordan, or how he could help end a career with just a stare. They were fonder times, simpler times. More specifically, it was in the All That-era.

A Reddit user provided us with a flashback moment in which Bryant was a teenager who visited All That and was on-screen with Bynes in her innocent, pre-psychiatric hold bliss. Watch the clip above to see a still-on-the-come-up Bryant and Bynes during the good ole days.

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 [via SportsGrid]