Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian Channel Inner Rapper, Stand on Top of G-Wagons

Watch the paint!

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As much as the TV cameras and the media can potray the lives of the Kardashians to have so much "drama," they really can't have too many serious troubles in life. And what better to depict that than a few photos of Kourtney and Khloey Kardashian stepping all over their Mercedes-Benz G-Wagens, with captions like "My dope be shinin' like it's yella diamonds @kourtneykardash" and "We ain't worried about nothin!!!" and "Shout out to Big Meech! Larry Hoover!!" You know, becuase they're huge rap stars, or at least are acting like them.

Side note: Imagining Khloe rapping in Rick Ross' voice is extremely frightening. Don't let your brain go there. Well, at least try to think of something else, now that I forced that idea into your head. 

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[via Khloe's Instagram]

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