The Bears are counting on rookie linebacker Jon Bostic to help fill the hole that was created on their defense when they let Brian Urlacher go during the offseason. And last Thursday night, he proved that he's got what it takes to be a solid LB for the Bears for years to come when he laid a beautiful hit on Chargers wide receiver Mike Willie during Chicago's second preseason game. Bostic nearly caused a fumble on the play and was not flagged for the hit that got ESPN's Chris Berman up out of his seat.

So why in the world is the NFL fining him for it?! According to Bostic's new teammate Lance Briggs, the league just fined Bostic $21,000 for the hit, which represents about five percent of his rookie contract. And Briggs is not happy about the fact that Bostic was fined simply for making a big hit.

We definitely have to agree here. If Bostic had been flagged, we could maybe—maybe—see why the league would fine him. But he made a good, clean hit here. And now he's getting penalized for it?! Such BS.

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[via Chicago Tribune]