We've seen three different sides of John Wall over the past few days. There's the humorous side; the one who shouts out Cousin Terio while putting many others on to the kid. Yesterday, we got the humble side when he broke down into tears of joy after reminiscing about what it took to get to his five-year/$80 million contract with the Wizards.

Today we got the (overly?) confident side of the point guard. When he spoke to Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix, Wall said he believed he was the best point guard in the NBA.

That's an understandably questionable statement. His numbers have increased in the past two seasons, but he still has to contend with the electrifying Russell Westbrook, the unquestionably great Chris Paul, and Kyrie Irving—a.k.a Uncle Drew or the man who has the ability to instill bad luck with a crossover.

Wall did go on to say he isn't basing his claim on past accomplishments. He said he was basing it on his potential, "I feel like I always can improve. There’s a lot of talented point guards out there, but I feel like I can hold my own."

Well he can, but does that make him the best. Derrick Rose did also say he improved his shooter during his time off as well, so there's also that to contend with.

So if he's not the best, where does Wall rank?

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]