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Penn State is still healing its wounds after the damage Jerry Sandusky's actions caused on the school. His actions cost the school at least $110 million, has gotten the football team banned for four years from bowl games and cost it 112 Joe Paterno-era wins, and has robbed the institution of its credibility.

In the latest related news, seven men reached a deal with Penn State over claims of abuse. The men include the victim who was key in Paterno's firing, Sandusky's son Matt, and other victims. Matt, who's also said he's suffered abuse from Sandusky, has been petitioning for a name change for himself and his family.

The details of the settlement hasn't been made public, and Philadelpia attorney Matt Casey knows the developments are in no way a complete consolation for the acts: "To say they're relieved, I think, is a fair statement. But it's also accurate to say that while we've closed this chapter, there's a whole lot of this that's necessarily inadequate. And that can't be helped, because of how...really unspeakable this experience has been and continues to be for them."

Although Sandusky is serving 30-60 years in prison after being convicted of 45 counts of various acts of child abuse, victims like No. 7 made us painfully aware that some things are unreconcilable.

"Despite the settlements, my life will never feel 'back to normal.' If I had the power to go back in time and not ever meet Jerry Sandusky, I wouldn't hesitate," he said.

As much as 24 more cases are expected to be settled in the near future, according to a lawyer in the midst of Penn State's negotiations.

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