What lengths would you go to watch your favorite sports team play on TV? Would you pony up on some fancy new cable subscription? Would you drive over to a sports bar that was broadcasting the game? What if you didn't have these options? Australian resident David Feeney didn't, but as an Irish native, and a rabid fan of their men's national soccer team, he decided that he was willing to pay whatever price necessary to watch his beloved squad play their upcoming World Cup qualifying matches. 

Feeney, an IT director in Sydney, extended the mortage on his house to buy up the broadcast rights for Ireland's upcoming matches against Sweden and Ukraine. He didn't get into financial specifics but, as we all know, mortgages aren't coming for cheap these days. Feeney will be broadcasting the games on his own channel during the early morning hours in Australia. 

This guy clearly loves watching soccer, but he's also clearly insane. Has this dude never heard of FirstRowSports?! Not that we're endorsing piracy or anything, but, c'mon, no one should have to break the bank this badly just to watch a damn game. Soccer fans, man, they're just a different breed. 

[via USA Today]

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