San Diego

Almost every school yard in Southern California is perfect for skating thanks to massive expanses of asphalt and an abundance of fiberglass picnic tables and benches. San Dieguito High is no different but it also had a perfect ten stair in a hallway with a blue handrail down the middle. When skateboarding started moving toward bigger handrails, this spot lead the progression. Tom Penny went over the rail four different ways in High Five from Etnies. In 1997 Steve Berra fakie ollied the rail then did a fakie 50-50 in Transworld's Interface video. After just about everything had been done down this famous rail, Geoff Rowley took it to another level with his 270 lipslide in a line seen in Rowley’s 411VM Profile. Today, a new unskatable rail stands where so many epic tricks once went down.

Best TrickSteve Berra, Fakie 50-50