Skate spots come and go. Some get shut down almost instantaneously while others have endured through many generations and styles of skating. Some of those enduring spots have reached iconic status but have met their demise at the hands of progress, change, urban planning, and the law.

Some iconic skate spots like Love Park in Philadelphia have been shut down by police so hard that it feels like they're gone. Yet they still stand, waiting to be liberated and skated once again. Other iconic spots have been destroyed—bulldozed out of existence without even the possibility of a Christmas morning bum rush to get a trick. 

Here we have ten spots that became icons to the skate world. While they lasted they were places people traveled to just to see what the spot was really like. Pros went to these spots to make a name for themselves or cement their legacy as the best of the best. They've been forever etched into the history of skateboarding through magazine covers and video parts—pour a little out for these 10 Iconic Skate Spots That No Longer Exist

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