When you look at a guy like Jordan Zimmerman, the Florida Panthers minority owner and advertising agency founder, you'd think there's a guy who knows how to use his money. This weekend it was revealed that even he could get caught slipping.

Zimmerman thought he was investing $1 million into a clean dating web site. It turned out he got tricked; he unintentionally invested into an adult film site. The owner is suing for his money back.

The mistake wasn't entirely his fault. Zimmerman and co-plaintiff Al Malnik (who also invested $1 million) gave Marc Bell and Dan Staton the money to invest in a dating site called FriendFinder.com. The two didn't do that, and they instead invested that money in porn sites linked to the Penthouse empire.

Zimmerman and Malnik understandably want their seven figures back after being had by what ZImmerman's lawyer calls a "bait and switch."

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[via The Sentinel Sun]