As the final leg of the Taste of Freedom tour, Harley-Davidson is currently holding an enormous 110th celebration in the town where the brand was born: Milwaukee. We've been extremely fortunate enough to tag along for a coupledays, taking a tour of the powertrain facility, checking out the museum, and hanging with a fantastic group of individuals that H-D hand-picked to represent them. One of such people is pro skateboarder Greg Lutzka. Coincidentally, Milwaukee is also where he was born, so it worked out perfectly. 

After participating in the parade this morning and doing some riding around the city, Lutzka decided to have a little fun while we were waiting to take out bikes back. In multiple effortless attempts, he repeatedly ollied right over a Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight (this was H-D's, his bike is back in Cali). Check out the sweet action shots above and the video below. 

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