Year: 2009
Lyric: "Auburn Hills, Michigan, home of the Palace/The place on the map where Isiah beat Magic/Throwin' elbows, had them Rick Mahorn habits/With the 8-9 Bad Boy hammer on my cap/And you know Chuck wit' it, now the girls get wit' it/Tell 'em, kiss it off the glass or, pass or, kick it/Callin shots from the bench and finger pointin' picks/I'm coach Chuck Daly, aka Daddy Rich/I meant Chuck Ing-ah-lish, the flicker of the flicks/All net, finger-roll, Allan Houston off the pick/Yeaaah, the pick, of the litter with the kicks." (Chuck Inglish)

OK, OK, we get it. You know your shit about basketball. Sheesh. It's like that one dude you try to spark a conversation about basketball with, but he bombards you with random trivia questions as part of some sort of absurd initiation. Then by the time you pass this "test," you've already lost interest in a convo.