For four years, Erbie "E-Luv" Bowser served as a dancer for the Dallas Mavericks male dance team called the Maniaacs. And as it turns out, the term "Maniaac" is the perfect word to describe Bowser.

According to Dallas police, Bowser killed four people and wounded several others last night during a violent killing spree that included the use of a gun, a grenade, and a whole lot of ammo. Here is a timeline of the events that took place that led to the 44-year-old getting taken into police custody late Wednesday:

  • Bowser allegedly walked into his ex-girlfriend's home at approximately 10:30 p.m. with a gun and opened fire. Two people who were inside the home at the time were killed while another was wounded.
  • Bowser then drove about seven miles to a home owned by his ex-wife.
  • Bowser allegedly walked up to his ex-wife's home and threw a grenade inside. After it detonated, he walked inside the home with a gun and started shooting. Two people who were inside the home at the time were killed while two others were wounded.
  • Police arrived at the home of Bowser's ex-wife. Bowser pretended to be a victim of a shooting.
  • Police realized that Bowser was unhurt and asked him his name. He gave them his name, Army rank, and serial number, even though he reportedly never served in the Army.
  • Police placed Bowser under arrest and took him into custody.

What a wild story. You can check out the Maniaac's old profile of Bowser in the thumbs gallery above.

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[via Dallas Observer]