This Saudi Arabian dude has obviously done something right to be able to afford this Lamborghini Gallardo. Or maybe not. Judging by his youthful looks, it's very well likely that his parents did something right and he did nothing but mooch. Yeah, let's go with the second option. It fits better with the following narative. 

Homeboy wants to be a cop. He wants to be a cross between the Rock in the Fast and the Furious series and the Dubai police department. So he throws on an Under Armour to hug his not-very-impressive muscles, has his Gallardo customized to look like a cop car, and arranges a photo shoot. But the final product isn't some awesome, majestic hero. It's just a display of douchery that proves this guy has too much time on his hands and enough money to execute.

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[via The Supercar Kids