Most people do not enjoy sobriety tests. And can you blame them? If a police officer gives you a sobriety test, it means that he suspects you may have been driving drunk and is thinking about arresting you. So there's nothing pleasant about a sobriety test.

But last weekend, a man flipped the script on the police during a sobriety test in Gahanna, Ohio. Halfway through a sobriety test early Sunday morning, he knew he was going to fail. So rather than continue with the test, he danced, he kicked his legs in the air, and he told the officers giving him the test about a girl he had just seen at a bar. It was easily the most ridiculous sobriety test of all time.

But it didn't end well. After placing the man—later identified as Dale Bentley—under arrest, the cops hit him with a Breathalyzer test. And he blew a 0.24 BAC, which three times over the legal limit in Ohio. So we hope he enjoyed himself during his sobriety test. Because he's probably not going to enjoy himself like that again for a long, long, looooooong time.

Watch Bentley act a complete fool in the clip above.

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[via Columbus Dispatch]