When they're not training, most NFL players spend their offseason having fun. So when Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy got a few days off last month, he decided to have some fun. Only his definition of "fun" is much, much, much different from, well, anyone else's definition of fun.

So rather than head to Miami or hit an island for a few days, Levy went to South America to spend five days in the Amazon. Yes, the Amazon. He took tours with local guides, explored the land, cleared his mind, enjoyed the fact that he was five hours away from the nearest civilization, and feasted on the land. And when we say feasted, we mean it, as he ate tons and tons of frogs, piranhas, and even rats.

"Yeah," he told the Detroit News recently, "there's a little jungle rodent we had to catch with a spear."

Uh, okay? And that was fun for you, dude?

"I mean, the spiders are so big there, they can make the bushes move," he said. "But it was fun. It was definitely worth it. It was the experience that I wanted."

Wait, THE SPIDERS MAKE THE BUSHES MOVE?! Yeah, that doesn't sound like very much fun to us. But if eating rats, frogs, and piranhas is what gets you going, then more power to you, man.

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[via Black Sports Online]