The site where we're aggregating this from stole the words from my mouth. I've grown up surrounded by motorcycles. My dad loves his Harleys almost as much as he loves me (I hope). But they've never really done it for me. Driving a car is already dangerous enough. I have no interest in hopping on a two-wheeled vehicle that almost guarantees my death should I get an accident. However, there's always been one exception: Ducatis. I would totally risk my young life to drive a Ducati. Especially this one. 

Vilner announced their custom Ducati Diavel, which includes a bespoke leather seat, red stitching, leather panels on the tanks and sides of the rear seat, carbon tank covers. It's like when a hot girl puts on a cheerleading outfit. She's already sexy but the outfit ups the ante. Vilner, you are the cheerleading outfit. 

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[via Zer Customs

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