Going to the gas station has to be one of the most miserable aspects of owning a car. It's almost like a symbol of evil in the auto world. A necessary evil, of course, but an evil nonetheless. And the people who set the prices are obviously the devil, because only the devil could possibly decide to up the price per gallon 10 cents as you're pulling up to the pump. Not only is gas a money suck, but a lot of people hate the smell and the filth of hitting up your local BP or Shell (we like the scent of gas, but we just assume we're weird like that).

The sasquatch of the oil world is a gas station that is actually really cool, designed well, and enjoyable to visit. Unlike the missing link, though, we know they exist. Seriously. They're just extremely, extremely rare. That's why we took it upon ourselves to take the time and effort to locate them for you to give you a shred of hope. One was even used as an art installation as part of a worldwide protest movement. Gas up with 11 of The Craziest Gas Stations in the World.

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